What makes Young Manufacturing’s match bolt carriers and match bolt better than other AR15 components? Young Manufacturing is committed to providing the highest quality, most precise, and most accurate AR15 components. With honed manufacturing processes and attention to even the smallest details on every single AR15 bolt and AR15 or M16 style bolt carrier, Young Manufacturing is able to get the most out of your rifle, no matter what the application.


On our NM 5.56mm bolt, we precision grind three critical areas after a thorough heat treating. This provides the most accurate fit possible on the rear of the bolt lugs, the center support ring, and the bolt tail. This provides for consistent lockup, each and every shot.


On all of our bolt carriers and bolt carrier groups, even our standard model, we improve stability by adding increased contact area on the bolt carrier surface. On the lower and upper guide areas, our bolt carrier features 30% more contact area. This precisely aligns the bolt carrier for reliability and a perfect fit for unbeatable accuracy.

Check out all of our AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups and Bolt Components. We manufacture all of our quality rifle components with pride, and we think you’ll find that Young Manufacturing parts aren’t just different, they’re better.